You were created to live in community

Better together

You were created to live in community. God intends for your life path to closely intersect with other followers of Jesus. Here at LifePath Church, one way we make sure we are in this together is through LifeGroups.

LifeGroups are a place to pursue God's path for your life in the context of authentic community with others pursuing the same. You will foster relationships and grow as a follower of Jesus through intentional investment in each other's lives. You will never fully experience all that LifePath has to offer until you connect to a LifeGroup.

Discussion & Study LifeGroups are relaxed, non-threatening small groups of 5-15 people who meet in homes or coffee shops around the west valley. They operate on the semester system to give you an easy entry and exit point and the opportunity to explore other groups. Our semesters are consistent from year-to-year: SPRING Semester (February-April), SUMMER Semester (June-July), FALL Semester (September-December).

To see a list of current groups, click the link below.


These groups gather for community and discussion based on the Sunday sermon.


These groups gather together to study through a particular book, topic, or book of the Bible.


These groups are designed to cultivate relationships through similar interests in different activities together.

Here's an easy way to get connected to a LifeGroup—fill out the form below and we will put you in touch with a LifeGroup host.