LifeGroup Discussion Guide

Week of March 12, 2023

Talking through the message during the week helps you turn what God is saying into action steps. These talking points, questions, and scriptures are designed to help you take the next step. If you are leading a group through this guide, don’t feel like you have to answer every question. Pick out those questions that will stir up conversation and action among your group. 


Scripture: Joshua 23:1‐16

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: What kind of story would your children write about you today? 

Reflection - Joshua Looks Backward (23: 3, 9-10)

God fought for His people.

God has been faithful to His people.

Principle: Never lose sight of what you have seen God do. 

DISCUSSION: How can we encourage other Christians that are under fire and trials to remain faithful? 


Instruction - Joshua Looks Toward (23:6-9, 11)

Positive/The Do’s: Do: stay strong, guard your heart, obey the Lord, remain loyal to the Lord, Love the Lord.

Negative/The Don’t: Turn away from the Lord, Don't worship or serve other gods

Principle: Never leave undone what God calls you to do.

DISCUSSION: If the Israelites in the time of Joshua were encouraged to look forward with their limited understanding of God’s plan for the future, how much more should we be committed to and focused on His plan for our lives in our future?

Caution - Joshua Looks Forward (23:5)

Positive – God will do what He said

Negative – Sin will bring chastening (sin traps, hurts, blinds, destroys)

Principle: Never limit what God will do based on what you will do.

DISCUSSION: God’s ways are higher than our ways. What is the danger of limiting God to our abilities?

Talk to God

How can this group pray for you?